Bona forte for orchids: methods and instructions for use

What tricks and subtleties are just resorted to by flower growers to achieve beautiful flowering of their orchids. We have to create special conditions for them, as well as select fertilizers. Particular attention should be paid to Bon Forte for orchids. This domestic product contains succinic acid and magnesium. It remains to find out how to use it correctly so that the exotic beauty grows healthy and pleases the eye.

The drug Bon Forte is available in the Health series and in the Beauty series. There are certain rules for using this tool, which must be taken into account by an amateur grower. The method of use of this drug involves root or foliar top dressing.

Features of use

The main active ingredients in the drug Bon Forte are:

Bona Forte - a unique fertilizer for orchids

 magnesium, responsible for the processes of photosynthesis in plants;

  • succinic acid used as a growth promoter.

In addition, the composition of the product includes useful complexes and trace elements necessary for orchids for abundant and prolonged flowering.

Picture 2 Bona Forte contains not only nutritional components, but also vitamins

From Bona Forte vitamins for indoor orchids contains:

  • thiamine;
  • niacin;
  • vitamin C.

The form of the preparation is granules or concentrated solution. Used by Bona Forte for all indoor plants. Instructions for its use are attached by the manufacturer. In accordance with it, the drug is diluted for further use. It favorably affects not only growth and development, but also the color of leaves and buds, which after application of the fertilizer becomes more saturated.

Drug dosage

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To prepare the root dressing for orchids in 1.5 liters of water, you need to take 5-10 ml of Bon Forte liquid concentrated fertilizer. A solution for spraying is prepared at the rate of 5 ml of liquid concentrate in 3 l of water.

Attention! You can not use fertilizer immediately after transplanting orchids, you should wait at least a couple of weeks.

The use of fertilizers favorably affects the growth and development of orchids

In the summer and spring periods, flowers are fed with the drug 1 time per week, in winter these actions are performed no more than 1 time per month.

Instructions for use

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Fertilizer Bon Forte is used for all indoor plants. Instructions for use are attached to it upon purchase. The drug is diluted in accordance with the above dosages. With foliar top dressing, only the leaf is moistened, preventing the product from getting on the buds and inflorescences. By the way, specially for the leaves, specialists created the tonic of Bon Forte, which has already managed to gain popularity among flower growers.

After root dressing, the pot must be allowed to dry and only then transferred back to the pan

If root dressing is performed, then the plant is kept in a nutrient solution for no longer than 20 minutes. Water for its preparation is taken drinking or purified using a filter and warmed to room temperature. After the procedure, the pot with the orchid is not transferred to the pallet immediately, but after the water has completely drained and the dish has dried.

Attention! If you immediately transfer the orchid to the pallet, then the rest of the fertilizer flows there, after which it will be regularly absorbed into the soil, which can provoke decay of the root system.

Indications and contraindications

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The main indications for the use of this drug are to stimulate the growth and flowering of orchids, as well as maintaining its decorative appearance. Sometimes florists use Bon Forte to control pests and increase plant immunity.

It is forbidden to use the product for weakened plants. The use of Bon Forte is possible even after the expiration of the specified expiration date. When carrying out foliar top dressing, an unpleasant odor of the drug is noted.

Plant care

Orchids need not only timely and proper feeding, but also proper care. It consists in watering, preventive treatments, transplanting.


Watering is a must before using Bon Forte fertilizer. For this purpose, most gardeners use a container that is filled with purified water at room temperature. They take out the plant after the root system is well absorbed by moisture.

Attention! If you resort to the use of fertilizers without prior watering, you can significantly damage the flower.

In the case when watering was not done before top dressing, the plants get severe burns, as a result of which the root system dies.

Top dressing

Fertilizer for indoor Forte orchids, the application instruction for which contains all the necessary recommendations, is bred in the proportions indicated above. The flower is kept in the solution for no longer than 20 minutes, after which it is removed and allowed to dry well. Properly performed top dressing positively affects the growth and development of orchids.

Watering is a must before feeding

Peduncles form a larger number of inflorescences, the flowering period is prolonged, the plant's immunity is strengthened, thanks to the presence of vitamins B, C and P. The processes of photosynthesis take place fully, which prevents premature aging.


Orchids are usually purchased at garden centers. There, the plants are bloomed in a small dark pot. Immediately there is a desire to move the flower to the container more quickly. Just do not rush into this. It is better to transfer this procedure until the end of the flowering period. The purchased plant is placed in a well-lit place, regularly watered and sprayed.

Attention! Do not allow excessive soil moisture in orchids.

In the period of adaptation in a new place and flowering orchids just need a drug Bon Forte. Before the transplant, the plant is abundantly watered, removed from the pot and carefully inspect the root system. There should be no signs of decay or any stains on it. At the slightest suspicion of these ailments, the affected areas are carefully cut with a clerical knife, the cut sites must be treated with fungicide or activated carbon.

Attention! During transplantation, you cannot remove old pseudobulbs, which at first glance seem unviable, since in the future they will absorb and retain moisture.

A drainage layer of expanded clay, gravel or pebbles is poured at the bottom of the new pot. The nutrient substrate is wetted so that it is moist, but not wet. A small amount of soil is poured over the drainage and an orchid is placed. The nutrient soil mixture is sprinkled to the upper borders of the pot, periodically shaking the container. You can not compact the soil with your hands, as this often leads to breaking off roots.

An adult orchid is transplanted once every 2 years


In the first time after a transplant, while the root system of the orchid has not yet been fixed, the plant may need additional support. This is especially true for plants that produce long peduncles. The first watering is carried out no earlier than 5 days later. Spraying is done regularly. Adult orchids need a transplant once every 2 years. The procedure is planned for spring.

Bona Forte holds a leading position among special fertilizers designed for orchid cultivation. The drug not only stimulates flowering, but also promotes the formation of roots, improves immunity, improves growth.

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