Forcing hyacinths for March 8, New Year and other holidays: instruction

Many bulbs, when grown indoors, bloom in winter and early spring (daffodils, crocuses and others). However, one of the most popular, which are easier to distill, is hyacinths. Having opened the buds, they will be a wonderful gift for the holiday, for example, on New Year or on March 8. Hyacinths should be distilled in compliance with certain rules in order to achieve colorful flowering.

Distillation grade selection

Varieties for early distillation:

  • Blue magic;
  • Lilo Grahn;
  • Delft Blue;
  • General Kohler;
  • Innocence
  • Marconi
  • Myosotis;
  • Ostara;
  • Pink Pearl;
  • Melting;
  • Eros and others.

Varieties of medium flowering at home:

  • Amethyst;
  • Blue Jain;
  • Blue Jackets
  • Blue sky
  • Gypsy queen;
  • Carnegie
  • Queen of the Blues;
  • Lady Derby
  • Orange Boven
  • Tubergen Scarlett.

For late flowering, suitable only for April and May holidays:

  • Anna Lisa
  • Woodstock;
  • Gertrude;
  • Madame Haubenzac;
  • Harlem city;
  • Snow Crystal;
  • Hollyhock.

The most popular varieties for distillation: Delph Blue, Jan Bos, Lady Derby, Kornegi. (especially by March 8th)

Due to the variety of varieties, you can grow a beautiful flower that will fit into the interior in a different style and will be a memorable present for a significant date.

Hyacinth distillation by March 8 and other holidays: step-by-step instructions

Before starting work, you need to figure out when it is necessary to plant hyacinths for distillation. Plants must undergo pre-treatment with cold, which takes about 3 months. After hatching sprouts, flowering begins in 2-3 weeks.

Thus, in order to present hyacinths with beautiful buds on International Women's Day, planting must be done in mid-November and early December. If the goal is the appearance of flowers for the New Year, then put the bulbs in a pot of earth in early September.

In the same way, you can calculate the time of the appearance of the buds for any holiday.

Those. from a significant date you need to count back 3.5-4 months.

You need to choose the right bulb. Sale is carried out in stores at any time of the year. They should be large and heavy. You need to ensure that they do not have symptoms of infections and other injuries.

Store them in the refrigerator in a vegetable box, in a cool basement or cellar.

If hyacinths are grown from purchased material marked “for distillation,” cold pretreatment is not necessary.

You can grow flowers from your own bulbs.

The step-by-step process of their preparation for growing indoors:

  • Dig out planting material at the end of summer, select large specimens (more than 5 cm in circumference).
  • Dry in the shade or under a canopy.
  • Place in a room with a temperature of +30 ° C and high humidity for a couple of weeks.
  • After the specified time, gradually decrease to + 16 ... +18 ° C. This contributes to the laying of flower buds.
  • If it is not possible to carry out the described steps in accuracy, it is recommended that the bulbs be purchased in a specialized store.

Before you understand the cultivation technology, you need to choose the right container.

The depth of the pot is not less than 15 cm. The size of the circle is any, depending on how many bulbs will be planted.

Between units of planting material should remain 1-2 cm. They should not touch the walls of the container.

If you take an already used pot, it must be doused with boiling water.

Land can be purchased at the store. It does not need to be disinfected, because they do it in production.

The soil mixture can also be prepared independently from:

  • turf;
  • humus;
  • coarse sand.

Mix the components in a ratio of 2: 1: 0.5. The finished substrate is calcined in the oven, heated to +100 ° C, to destroy pathogens. It is good to add perlite for better air exchange.

Etch the bulbs with potassium permanganate or any fungicide (Maxim, Vitaros, etc.) for about 30 minutes.

Step-by-step detailed landing instructions:

  • Put the drainage layer in the container.
  • Pour the soil almost to the brim. Shed in the holes where the bulbs will be placed.
  • Deepen planting material 2/3 root down. The tops should be above the ground at the same level with the edge of the pot.
  • Seal the substrate, pour without touching the bulbs. It’s good to put sawdust on top, sphagnum moss.
  • Cover with a cap, it is better to take dark plastic, transfer to a cool room for 3-4 weeks at a temperature of +10 ° C, then at + 4 ... +6 ° C, you can up to 0 ° C, another month.
  • When the top layer of the earth dries up, it is better to produce moderate watering with warm water, preferably in a tray.

After about 2 months, the bulbs will sprout. They need to be rearranged in a bright place, for example, on the east window. When the bushes grow to 12-15 cm, remove the dark shelter. To bloom for a long time, keep hyacinths at a temperature of + 16 ... + 18 ° C. In warmer conditions, plants quickly drop their petals.

Hyacinths can also be driven out in water and hydrogel. When placed in water, the bulb should not touch it. In the future, the same actions. Distillation in water, hydrogel

If you use hydrogels, they are poured with fertilizer water and placed there hyacinth, as well as in the substrate. The care is the same.

Observing the simple rules, it will turn out to grow a beautiful houseplant with abundant flowering. If you choose the right time for planting, hyacinth bushes can be presented for any occasion.

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