When to go to the country for the first time in spring and what to bring with you

After the onset of the spring thaw and the beginning of the melt of snowdrifts, you can plan the first trip to the cottage. It is best to go in early to mid-April, although of course everyone chooses this time himself. Each year, spring comes at different times, so it is difficult to indicate a clear date for the first visit to the summer cottage after “hibernation”. Awakening from winter sleep in nature occurs very rapidly, so it is important not to miss the moment when it will be too late to perform some types of work. Photo from the site: //www.youtube.com

With the onset of heat, small pests are activated. The bark of fruit tree trunks needs your extra protection from those insects that winter in its crevices. The trunks can be treated with a solution of copper sulfate or whitewashed.

In late March, it is possible to conduct an audit among fruit trees, pruning branches that have not survived the harsh winter frosts, as well as broken under the weight of the snow cover.

It should be remembered that pruning must be done before the kidneys swell. Dead wood can be burned, and feed the plants with ash, distributing it near the root system of planting.

In the spring, while there is still not so much work in the garden, you can do the cleaning of the country house and restore the house buildings if their integrity during the winter was broken.

You should check the availability of the necessary tool so that its absence does not become an unpleasant surprise when it is needed. If all the equipment was taken away for the winter period, then you can start to bring it back.

If the snow near the root system has melted a little - it's time to feed the trees. For example, fertilizers with nitrogen. Starting to melt, water will carry nutrients into the soil.

You should not get rid of shelters perennial plantings ahead of time. Especially on bright sunny days. It is necessary to wait for more or less established weather without critically low night temperatures. If the days are bright and sunny, then it is not worth delaying the plants by unraveling - there is a possibility of their decay and death due to the greenhouse effect created inside the shelter.

During the first visits to the summer cottage, you need to tie up the grapes by removing dead processes, until the juice is circulated through the plant.

The beginning of spring is the best time to hang birdhouses around the site that will attract migratory birds, and those, in turn, will help gardeners fight pests.

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